Designing for climate

Constructing homes with passive design principles is an increasing priority for owners and builders. People are comfortable only within a very narrow range of conditions. The human body’s temperature is about 37°C and is affected by a range of physiological and psychological factors, such as temperature, humidity, air movement (breeze or draught), exposure to radiant […]

Diplomatic relations at their noise-reducing best

Noisy neighbours can make every day seem like you’re living in the middle of a war zone. But there are simple ways in which harmony can be restored without the need to resort to desperate measures.    It’s an unfortunate fact that modern apartments are built with lighter, less-dense materials, but it’s also true of freestanding […]

Protecting your home against pest invasion

Pest infestation is never pleasant, but if you detect evidence of unwanted visitors in your home, there are methods to remove them quickly and efficiently. Maintaining cleanliness inside and blocking pest entry from the outside is a good start.  Pest removal specialists advise that regular maintenance can be your first and lasting safeguard against rodents, […]

Why buyers continue to love regions

Research reveals a continued surge in the number of people moving from capital cities to regional centres. According to the June-quarter Regional Movers Index, there was an 11 per cent rise in the number of people moving from capital cities to regional areas, compared with the June 2020 quarter. The areas recording the largest growth […]

Pet loves for cohesive apartment living

Apartment living is becoming increasingly popular, and with this comes the rise of apartment pets.  The property that you live in should not determine whether you have a pet.  But by following a few simple steps and rules, you will be able to live comfortably and enjoy your happiest lives with your animal companion. Choose […]

Décor apps that put home improvement in the picture

Visualising how a colour palette, design scheme or new furniture will suit your new home requires artistic vision and forethought. If you have a design style in mind but are not sure how to implement it or what size furniture to buy for the dimensions of your interiors, help is at hand with the latest […]

Renovation research pointers

Whether you are building or undertaking a major renovation, check current legislation in your region to ensure that the work provided is under warranty. Most states require builders to be fully registered and this includes offering warranty insurance.  This is geared towards protecting both parties, but particularly the owner in the event of substandard workmanship. […]

Window shades with a view to energy efficiency

The best-dressed windows serve a valuable dual purpose of keeping the winter chill at bay and blocking harsh sunlight at the height of summer. But they should also enhance and blend with your interior style in a cost-effective and energy-efficient way. Dream drapes that frame a realistic outlook  Designer drapes needn’t cost the earth, nor […]

Your home protection plan for bushfire season

The dire consequences of Australia’s Black Summer bushfires in 2019-2020 remain a tragic legacy. There were around 24 lives and countless wildlife lost, 2,448 homes, up to 6,000 buildings and millions of hectares destroyed as a result of partially preventative measures.  And with spring and summer temperatures set to soar in the Southern Hemisphere, protecting […]