Buying land: what to consider

With record construction figures and government stimulus propelling the growth of new-build industries, there’s increasing interest in building on property dreams from the ground up. Regional appeal, design customisation and cementing lifestyle aspirations are the major attractions. But it’s paramount to be aware of the pros and cons of buying land and what to expect […]

Real estate tax terms explained

The end of a financial year prompts swift action for tax-related matters.  This includes relevant information for property owners, renters and potential buyers in their bid to streamline real estate and financial processes. With this in mind, our explanatory guide about tax terms and real estate phrases are designed to clarify, refresh knowledge, simplify selling-and-purchase […]

Heat seekers: staying warm this winter

Winter is upon us and for homeowners and renters, that often means one thing: staying warm. With the nightly and early-morning temperatures set to plummet, particularly in southern Australia and New Zealand, The Real Estate Voice offers several energy-saving, eye-catching and heart-warming ways to stay snug and cosy this winter.  On the surface Feature fireplaces […]

‘FOMO’ meets its match in market driver ‘TINA’

Record-low interest rates and surging property prices in Australia and New Zealand have fuelled buyers’ fear of missing out, otherwise known as FOMO, since the pandemic was declared in March 2020. But with the cost of renting closing in on that of standard mortgage repayments and demand for housing stock continuing to outstrip supply, TINA […]

You’ve sold your house, now what?

The sold sticker has been freshly plastered on the board outside and the celebratory bottle of champagne is empty. It is only natural to feel the stress relief — but enjoy that breather because the process is only just beginning. Many people dread the thought of moving house, but it can be a cathartic and […]

In appreciation of depreciation

Simply put, depreciation is the act of a fixed asset losing value over time. It occurs in all acquired entities. The nature of this ongoing prospect in terms of an investment property precludes depreciation solely for end-of-financial year prioritising. Rather, a concerted financial planning approach and effort ensures that your investment and deprecation remain a […]

How building to rent addresses long-term affordability

Industry analysts and the renting public alike are acutely aware of the housing affordability crisis.  Research by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute shows Australia is short 173,000 affordable dwellings for rent, with Sydney alone short 60,000 dwellings. The research also shows that 71 per cent of all lower-income, private-rental households struggle to pay […]

Apartments under the investment spotlight

Not everyone can afford to spend a small fortune when buying their first home, which is why apartments will continue to be popular.  Factor in the often central location, low-maintenance lifestyle, other conveniences and resale potential, and their appeal is obvious.  Big issues of shared, smaller places But there are areas to consider before investing […]

How to choose the right agent for your property sale

Selling your home is one of life’s major decisions — with successful outcomes often attributed to the real estate agent representing your property. So, it makes sense to do your research if you aim to minimise stress and maximise financial returns.  Big or small: tailoring a perfect fit  Broadly speaking, smaller boutique agencies can claim […]