COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Belle Maison be closing their office?

In short, no.

Managing rental properties is considered an essential service, as we are facilitating shelter for our tenant population. Therefore, we are confident that our business will be allowed to continue to operate – albeit in a slightly different form. We have moved our property management team offsite to work from home. Our offices will remain open for a central place to collect keys and receive visitors by appointment only.

Q. How Can I contact my property manager?

Our Property Manager are utilising online systems to successfully perform most of their duties remotely. We have activated a phone diversion, so their contact details remain the same. In most cases, we encourage email as the best form of communication. To ensure continuity of service and promote a healthy work-life balance for our staff, we have asked them to maintain regular work hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm).

Q. What should I expect when I visit your offices?

Strict hygiene protocols have been set up to protect our staff and visitors. Visitors must remain at reception and will not be permitted into our meeting rooms or back of office. This includes contractors. If there are too many people at reception to maintain the social distancing rules, we will ask visitors to remain outside until it is safe to enter.

Please do not touch anything in the office including the reception counter. If you need to sign something, we ask you to supply your own pen. Those who wish to drop off keys or documentation are encouraged to use our after-hours drop boxes outside the offices.

Q. What is happening with rent payments?

We understand the financial difficulty that many tenants will be experiencing – through no fault of their own. We also understand that most property owners will be going through similar hardships, and they need the rent money to make their mortgage payments.

If a tenant’s situation has not changed and they are not affected by COVID-19, they are expected to keep making their rent payments. We are obligated in these cases to issue breach notices and follow the eviction process for non-payment of rent.  If tenants are unable to make their full rental payments as a result of COVID-19, they need to contact us immediately (preferably by email).

We will send them a Rental Assistance Survey to complete, providing evidence of financial difficulty as a result of COVID-19. We will then present this to the owner for their consideration. The government is of course providing emergency assistance to those who have lost their jobs due to this crisis, so we are urging all tenants to take advantage of these grants and use this money to prioritise their rent payments.

See links below for more information:

Excessive Hardship Information

$750 one off Economic Support Payment Information

Q. Can I get a rent reduction?

The following information applies to our tenants who find themselves in financial stress and unable to make their full rental payments due to the COVID-19 crisis. Tenants who have not been financially affected by COVID-19 are expected to continue making their rent payments.

Your first action should be to contact Centrelink and other government agencies who are supplying emergency assistance to all affected by COVID-19. See the links above for access to this assistance. Next, you need to contact us on

We will send you a Rental Assistance Survey to complete, providing evidence of financial difficulty as a result of COVID-19. We will then present this to the owner for their consideration. Please be aware that many property owners are also experiencing serious hardship at this time, and may not be in a position to offer a rent reduction.

However, we hope to be able to work with all parties to get through this crisis together.

Q. Are you doing routine property inspections?

We decided that entering a tenanted property to do a thorough inspection exposed both our staff and the tenant to an unacceptable level of risk.  we are working with  software provider to enable tenants to record and stream in real time high-quality video walk throughs of the property.

This looks to be a few weeks away, and we will make an announcement once it is launched. Will maintenance still be done at the property Our contractors have their own protocols in place to minimise risk when visiting tenanted properties, so we expect routine maintenance to be attended to as per normal times.

The exceptions are those households that have occupants who are high risk, unwell, or in self-isolation. Than the maintenance will have to be reschedule to another date.

Owners need to be aware that most contractors will not be willing to attend a tenanted property to quote a job; at best they can provide a desktop estimate.

Q. What is happening with leases renewals?

Now more than ever, it is vital to maintain stable, secure and safe tenancies, which is achieved by renewing fixed-term leases. Tenants are encouraged to sign their lease renewals several weeks prior to the end of the lease. Fortunately, last year we introduced electronic signing of leases, so lease renewals are processed efficiently and safely without the need for face-to-face meetings or exchange of paperwork.

We recommend to owners to consider carefully any rent raises as many tenants’ financial situation will be unsettled and the goodwill an owner shows in these circumstances will benefit you in the long run.

Q. How are smoked alarm checks being managed?

As you are aware, the law requires a property owner to have smoke alarms checked within 30 days of the start of a new lease. Since the COVID-19 crisis began, several tenants identifying themselves as high risk have requested to cancel the technician’s visit. In such cases, we must accept the tenant’s wishes, and the responsibility for testing the smoke alarm is passed onto the tenant. Once the crisis is over, we will of course arrange for the check to be completed for those that were postponed.

Q. What happens when a tenant vacates a property?

To limit face-to-face contact with our staff, we are asking tenants to drop off their keys in our Office   through the letter dropbox rather than bring them in personally.  All documentation including the Exit Condition Report are to be emailed directly to the Property Manager. The vacate procedure remains the same, as our property managers perform their vacate inspections without the tenant present.

Q. I want to help my tenant what should I do?

Many owners have expressed concern for their tenants and have asked if there was anything they could do to help. We understand that many property owners are going through the same financial difficulties as their tenants and may not be in a position to give extra assistance.

However, if you are able to assist your tenants financially, our suggestion is to offer one or two weeks’ rent free.

Just email  and she will arrange it for you. This can provide a relief for tenants who have lost their jobs and are waiting for their Centrelink payments to start coming through. Sometimes it’s not about the money.

Tenants can feel unsettled at the best of times, because they don’t have total control over their tenancy if owners decide to sell or move in. Right now, they will be feeling even more anxious and some words of comfort from the owner of the property may make a big difference. A simple idea is to post a hand written letter to them. You could even add a gift card to buy groceries (eg Coles/Myer card). Even a small gesture will show them you are thinking of them.