Inspecting homes in 2021

With some property inspections subject to social distancing restrictions, inspecting homes for sale or for rent is taking on a new life. If you haven’t attended an inspection recently, here are some of the ways we are all adapting to inspecting properties in 2021. 

Virtual inspections 

Virtual inspections are a great way to help expedite the decision process to buy or rent a property. A virtual inspection could be a pre-recorded walkthrough style video available from the property listing,  or a live video feed with the property manager or agent.  You might even ask a trusted friend to inspect the property on your behalf. Either way, using the technology available is a great way to inspect a property from anywhere when you can’t (or are restricted from) physically attending an inspection. 

Registering for inspections 

The days of walking straight into a home open for inspection are no more. These days registering for an inspection is a must in order for agents to manage the number of people attending an open inspection based on restriction guidelines, as well as being able to conduct effective contact tracing should the need arise. If you’re keen to visit a property, make sure you get in touch with the agent or property manager and follow their recommendations so you don’t miss out on inspecting the property that could become your next home. 

Socially distanced inspections

Expect to wear a mask at any property inspection, regardless of the current government recommendations, so make sure you have a mask ready to use when you arrive at the front door. Also expect to sanitise, register your visit and stay socially distanced from other people at the inspection. You may find yourself given a few minutes to yourself in the property, depending on the amount of other people attending the inspection, or you may be able to wander freely while respecting required distancing guidelines. If you’re not sure, check in with the agent or property manager to make sure you are keeping yourself and others safe.

Physical private inspections 

Private inspections can be arranged during certain time periods with the agent so make sure you are following their guidelines. Surfaces must be disinfected and doors should also be opened prior to the inspection so you won’t need to touch anything. If you’re unsure, just ask the agent to help you out. 

While the home inspections are certainly different post COVID-19, you can expect to be using one of these methods to inspect properties virtually and creatively with the extra precautions when attending property inspections.